• Venues, food, beverages, staff, furniture, tableware, rental equipment, decorations, supplies, logistics and diverse items such as music and rent, are available for planning a function.
  • Food, beverages and inventory as well as customer data are obtained from KOST.
  • Offers can be compiled and generated quickly and easily from event catalogs (banquet portfolios).
  • An offer can contain several variations – an appropriate offer as required by the customer can be created from the different variations. Print-outs are made via MS Word® – templates and can be adjusted to fit any layout.
  • Reoccurring events can be easily copied from previous functions, including all necessary information.
  • A customizable function sheet can be created out of the system.
  • Requisitioning lists for the various departments can be created for each event.
  • Forecast reports – split between the different areas (food, beverages, etc.) – are created.
  • An event can be organized into individual steps, including time and place per step.


  • A logbook is available for each event, in which information, correspondence and tasks are recorded. The entries can be distributed via the Task Scheduler to users or user groups, or sent per e-mail to mailing groups.

Customer Management

  • KOST’s Customer Management module maintains customer master data, specific information for invoicing and CRM-related data.
  • Customers can be grouped and linked via parent customers (e.g. company – department – customer contact person).
  • 15 variable sales criteria and multiple distribution lists (circular letter tool) are available pro customer.
  • Completed events are passed as a delivery note on to Customer Management. Invoices can then be generated from one or combined delivery notes.

Inventory Management

  • Furniture and fittings, appliances, utensils and other equipment can be maintained including inventory number and additional information.
  • Maintenance cycles can be saved per appliance.
  • A detailed list of requirements for functions is available for the technical department via the Catering and Banquet Module..
  • If inventory items are already scheduled for other functions, a Collision Warning is shown. In this case, rental items can be substituted.