KOST Software GmbH was founded in 1998 by Michael Cikerle and Richard Huss.

Initially KOST started out as a pure ERP system.

Through many years of intensive cooperation between customers, catering professionals and a leading team of programmers, KOST has developed into a practical and comprehensive business software solution for

  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Caterers and large scale kitchens
  • Health and care facilities.

The KOST Business Software incorporates all areas of material management as well as administrative and organizational processes into one system, thus ensuring a continuous record of all goods and work flows within a company.

Supplementary modules designed for specific sectors provide solutions for the varying requirements in hotels, catering companies and the healthcare sector.

The company group currently includes

  • Kost Software GmbH based in Graz
  • its subsidiaries KOST Solution Project Consulting GmbH and
  • Paycaso Payment & Card Solutions GmbH.

The KOST Solution Project Consulting GmbH provides services such as project consulting as well as training and support.

Paycaso Payment & Card Solutions GmbH provides cashless payment systems for online and offline operation. For more information see www.paycaso.at

Michael Cikerle

Michael Cikerle


Richard Huß

Richard Fuß

Die KOST Solution Projektberatung GmbH bietet Services und Dienstleistungen wie Projektberatung und -betreuung sowie Schulung und Support.

Die Paycaso Payment & Card Solutions GmbH ist Komplettanbieter von bargeldlosen Bezahlsystemen für den Off- und Onlinebetrieb. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.paycaso.at