Wine Cellar Management

  • Wines can be managed with comprehensive master data including pictures, areas, regions, grape, quality, grower, bottler and six definable criteria.
  • Information on alcohol content, density, acidity, sugar content, drinking temperature, storage life, decanting time, as well as food recommendations can be maintained.
  • Reports and statistics can be generated based on the information available in the comprehensive master data.
  • Product sheets for wines can be generated directly in KOST.
  • Shelf and product labels can be created with all available information in any size and style.
  • Barcodes can be obtained from the bottle, or generated by the system.
  • Wines, including all available information, can be selected for quotations and orders in the KOST Customer Management module. Current stock levels are taken into account on ordering.

WEB Wine Shop

  • Wine can also be sold via the KOST Web Shop.
  • Items can be published with all available information. Searches for items can be performed via multiple criteria (country, type of wine, winemaker, price etc.).
  • The Web Shop also takes available stock into account. Specific stock amounts can be assigned to the Web Shop.
  • Information on new products, product recommendation (cross-selling) and “other customers also bought” is available.
  • All common payment methods (credit card, debit card, etc.) via the set clearer can be performed. Authorized customers can order and pay by invoice.
  • All Web orders are displayed in KOST’s order mask and can be processed with a workflow up to delivery.
  • Customers can view placed orders including status information (from “placed” to “delivered”) and reorder previous orders, subject to availability, on the web.