• Pricing can be based on gross margins or target food costs.
  • The Pricing Preview can be made on the basis of future purchase prices.
  • The open pricing tool provides the ability to preview the effects of recipe changes in advance.
  • 20 price levels are available per sales item and cost center. Pricing benchmarks for product groups can be specified using markup groups.

Automatic Pricing Warning

  • The recipe and sales item food costs are updated on every goods receipt.
  • The preset invoice total (target) is compared to the newly calculated total (actual) and displayed as a pricing warning according to predefined tolerances.

Future Price Management

  • Multiple future prices can be assigned to sales items.
  • The new price is set automatically when the given date is reached.
  • Prices and validity can be set into the future for each sales item per cost center and price level. Price or range changes can be maintained in advance. Adjustments are made automatically according to the set date.