KOST SAP® Connector

The Kost-SAP Connector is KOST’s middleware used to connect SAP systems to KOST, commonly via SAP PI (alternatively via Business Connector, SAP JCo or Xi). Uni- or bidirectional master and transaction data transfer is possible between the two systems thus insuring the full business logic of both systems.

Master Data Transfer from SAP® to KOST

When comparing master data between SAP and KOST, SAP builds the leading system. Creditors, debtors, employees (incl. ID and accounting data), accounts, as well as cost centers, PSP elements and internal requisitions (for internal invoicing) can be imported into KOST.

Stock Transaction Data KOST to SAP®

When stock is transferred, the information can be passed from KOST on to SAP immediately, on a daily or monthly basis, at the end of a period or at an interval set by the user.

  • Order Proposals (requisitions) to SAP MM
  • Itemized stock receipts, including Creditor MM
  • Expenditure occurring from stock receipts that have been invoiced with a supplier invoice or credit note
  • Stock transfers from main warehouse to subsidiaries for closed periods
  • Deferred expenditure from stock receipts for closed periods.
  • Stock adjustments (breakage, complimentary gifts) to expenditure accounts for closed periods
  • Usage per expenditure account after a period has been closed
  • Inventory values for closed periods
  • Revenue from debtors
  • Internal invoices from conference services etc. to cost centers, PSP elements or internal orders with provider and general account information
  • Tax relevant information for employee salary statements
  • Consumption billing via wages and salaries