Menu Planning

  • The Menu Planning module enables multiple menu plans to be created and managed simultaneously.
  • Menu components can be exchanged and replaced in multiple menu plans and over any range of time. Menus can be composed of components and/or whole meals.
  • Menus can be created as far into the future as required.
  • Easy-to-use copy features enable menu plans to be copied into other menu plans or into the future.
  • Components can be selected according to food costs, gross margin, allergens, ingredients, portion-weight etc.
  • A traffic light warning system highlights the different values (food costs, gross margin, nutritional values, etc.), helping with planning menus. The traffic light warning highlights the value per component and for the whole menu.
  • A costing preview provides an overview of your menu and component pricing.

Purchasing via Production Previews

  • Forecast quantities can be entered per menu plan and component. These quantities are used to calculate the actual amount of ingredients required according to the recipes, also taking into account factors such as production days, delivery days, lead times and package sizes.
  • Daily order proposals (e.g. for dry goods) can be collated into one order for each supplier, thus also minimizing wastage.
  • Order proposals can be edited and items that are not suggested via the menu forecasts can be added manually.
  • Once processed, the order proposal can be converted directly into orders per supplier and sent via the preferred ordering methods.

Menu Sheet Print-out and Publication

  • Daily and weekly menu sheets can be printed out in multiple languages using Crystal Reports®, MS Word® or MS Excel® templates.
  • Ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, logos and prices can be published.
  • Templates can be used to fit the layout and content of each individual business.
  • Site specific menu sheets, including all required nutritional data, can be displayed via mobile app solutions (from KonKaApps).
  • Product signs can be printed in any layout and in several languages, including nutritional data according to guideline requirements – or displayed on monitors at the counter.
  • Menu sheets can be published on the Intranet and Internet.