PAYCASO – Payment & Card Solution GmbH is a full-service provider of off- & online cashless payment systems.

As a full service provider, we assist you from requirement analysis and consulting to implementation, support and maintenance.

PAYCASO has extensive experience in project management and consulting and is a dependable partner of renowned national and international companies.

At the heart of PAYCASO are the Cash Card Loaders with which employees, customers and guests can pay money onto cards that can be used as an electronic wallet. The high-end terminals feature 17-touch displays and are available in three sizes and 32 different models. PAYCASO Cash Card Loaders are designed for use in the catering & hospitality industry as well as in clinics and in leisure gastronomy.

The CARDS management software along with interfaces to current cash and card systems as well as vending and dispensing equipment help control and integrate all hardware and card processes. “Cash costs money” – cashless payment is not only cheaper and safer but is also the path to the future in system and workplace catering.