• Recipes form the basis for precise food preparation.
  • Basic recipes only have to be created once in KOST and can be subsequently inserted into other recipes.
  • Wastage and actual yield are taken into account.
  • Portion sizes can be changed via factors in the menu planning.
  • Information on product appearance and quality, serving instructions, packaging and regeneration instructions -including photos – can be saved per item.
  • Allergens and nutritional data according to your guidelines are calculated via the recipes and constantly updated.

Quality Management & HACCP Monitoring

  • Quality Management factors serve as quality criteria for suppliers.
  • These criteria allow previous experience and satisfaction with suppliers to be assessed, forming a part of supplier evaluation.
  • KOST’s QM & HACCP control features are available for stock receipts, storage, and food preparation and delivery steps.
  • Core temperature values and quality control assessments upon stock receipt can be recorded in the database and form part of supplier evaluation.
  • Claims Management for Stock Receipts is available.
  • Labels for retention samples and LMIV compliant labels for sales items (incl. list of ingredients) can be generated.

Food Cost Control

  • The food cost per recipe is automatically calculated by the system and constantly updated.
  • The current food cost enables accurate pricing of sales items and menu planning.
  • Automatic Calculation Alerts are issued when food cost / gross margin ratios exceed defined limits.

Labels and Customer Information

  • A Product Database is available for KOST customers including allergens, ingredients, nutritional values, product descriptions, product information, lists of ingredients, preparation instructions, photos and additional information.
  • The data is continuously updated and added to by the producers.
  • Allergens, ingredients, nutritional values and additional information are calculated per recipe and can be printed out on meal sheets, menus, product labels or displayed on monitors or on the Internet.
  • Nutritional data according to guideline requirements can be displayed on the mobile app solutions from KonKaApps.