Internal Stock Flow

  • Recording internal stock flow is essential for controlling food costs per cost center.
  • HHU’s (with barcodes) can be used to enter requisitions and internal stock transfers.
  • Internal requests can be entered and edited via the web-based KOST ASP module.
  • On transfer, the sending cost center is credited and the receiving cost center debited.

Stock Takes

  • Lists for Stock Takes are created individually for each cost center and can be sorted by item, product group, and storage area or shelf space.
  • Stock takes can be performed using Hand Held Units (HHU) and item barcodes.
  • The “flowing inventory” enables stock takes to be performed before or after the scheduled end of the period. The system corrects the inventory value by taking into account all following transactions up to the end of the period.

Stock Levels

  • Stock levels per cost center are adjusted automatically after each transaction.
  • Multiple Inventory reports are available. Reports have a variety of filter options.

Labels Module & Barcodes

  • Labels for purchase items, production and sales items can be created in any size or style, with all necessary information.
  • Internal barcodes can be generated automatically.
  • Multiple barcodes can be assigned to items.
  • Allergens, ingredients, database fields, and fixed text can be displayed as a QR code.