Standardized B2B Communication (business-to-business)

  • KOST supports a variety of formats for electronic B2B communication and also offers an in-house format (KOST CSV), which is supported by many suppliers. B2B communication saves time and guarantees reliable data exchange.
  • Purchase items are imported efficiently and reliably from supplier catalogues and order lists (Edifact EANCOM PRICAT, BMEcat, KOST CSV, MS Excel®) along with all necessary information.
  • These files can also be used to import price updates for listed items in the system. KOST evaluates price changes and issues automatic alerts when negotiated prices are exceeded, when prices deviate from predefined price margins per product group or prices change outside of specified update periods. Prices can be rejected and a response sent via e-mail to the supplier.
  • Orders can be transferred electronically (Edifact ORDERS).
  • Stock receipts can be processed via electronic delivery note /advanced shipping notice (Edifact EANCOM, DESADV and other vendor-specific formats). Stock receipts can be matched directly with the corresponding order.
  • After processing the stock receipt, a receipt advice note can be sent optionally to the supplier (Edifact RECADV).
  • Invoices are transferred electronically (Edifact INVOIC or PDF-A3) and automatically compared with the stock receipt. Warnings are generated when prices deviate from specified values and can be subsequently edited in a workflow.
  • KOST can also process credit notes.